Nourishing the Soul


In our fast paced world we need spaces in which we can slow our pace, take time to focus within and reconnect with our deep and soulful self.

My workshops and retreats offer nourishing approaches that wilI reconnect you with your creativity, your inner wisdom and intuition.  Resources, including intuitive art techniques, SoulCollage®, MoonCircles™, mandala, labyrinth and dream journey work will explore these inner spaces and guide you to your 'well' of replenishment.


SoulCollage® workshops are offered throughout the year.  A short series of Introductory workshops will enable you to 'embark' upon your uniquely personal SoulCollage® journey.  You will discover how to create your first cards, explore the basic techniques of SoulCollage®, be introduced to the four SoulCollage® suits and 'read' from your cards.  

I facilitate seasonal SoulCollage® workshops which have included: 'A Winter of Listening', 'Into the New Year', and 'Celebration, Creativity and the Celtic Year'.  Themed workshops have included 'SoulCollage® and the Artful Practice of Gratitude'. 

Current Offerings on my Workshop page will keep you up to date...


Dreams and dreaming...night-time dreams are often forgotten or undervalued and their treasures lie discarded.  Supportive groups and workshops offer an opportunity to explore this puzzling other world and become familiar with the language of dreams and dreaming.  A rich variety of media and creative techniques including paint, clay, collage and journaling may be used to explore the images, symbols and riddles that inhabit this mysterious night-time world. 

The day-time world will be enriched with the insights and wisdom which are gained from the process of dreamwork.  



Labyrinth walks and workshops offer you time and space to explore and reflect upon your life journey.  Intuitive art techniques, including SoulCollage®, mandala and journaling may be offered to support your reflective process. A labyrinth workshop and walk invites you to discover this ancient symbol's power to bring transformational change into your life.  

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle or centre.  For thousands of years almost every culture has honoured the potency of the circle and circular forms, and through ritual and art making have celebrated its power as a vehicle for meditation and healing practices.  Mirror-like the mandala reflects the wholeness of the person creating it, presenting an image of the inner self.  The symbolic space of the mandala mirrors and contains the possibility of our transformations.

Current Offerings on my Workshop page will keep you up to date with future Intuitive Mandala workshops and Labyrinth walks.  



The workshops and groups I offer are informed by my training and experience in art therapy and the therapeutic process.  My wish is to offer safe and supportive spaces that may encourage creative, soulful exploration.

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